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    • Ace.Taxman Oct 31, 2020
      1.4 miles
      1.37 miles of walking = 1.37 miles
      Walked to go vote, and figured it was a good cause to promote...We voted today. Have you voted yet? If not, Have you made a plan?
      Voting in person on Election Day #usingmyvoice
      Voted with early ballot in Westport MA. Good finish.
      Already voted!
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    This race ended 10/31/20 - check out the final activity here.

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    • Paolo Oct 31, 2020
      Thanks for the extra motivation. This was fun.
    • bobolink Oct 31, 2020
      thanks for such a fun race! this virtual marathon is the only one I'll ever finish...loved the encouragement, the rally cool route, and raising money for fairfield to boot...thanks, Anna, you made it all great!!!!
    • RunWithScissor Oct 31, 2020
      15 hours left in this race. 🏃‍♂️ Awesome and inspiring efforts this month. 🏃‍♀️ Everyone needs needs to make the last minute push to raise money and record an activity! 💰 So share your fundraising links again on social media! ❤️ and record those Halloween activities into Racery 🎃👻💀☠️👽Let’s finish this marathon strong! 💪
      Go! Go! Go! And thank you!
    • LadynRed Oct 18, 2020
      Knee still cranky a bit but much better. Riding a horse over walking definitely helps😀
    • RhodeRunner Oct 13, 2020
      Looks like the rain hasn't slowed too many people down! Congratulations to all the new finishers since last week! Elliott Conklin, Sara Lewis, Lauren McMillan, Lauren Siegel, Rhonda Taylor, Hayden Bassett, Elizabeth Donison, Thane Harpole, Lauren Maloy, Harris Agnew, Gloria Williams, Kate Gruber, Dalton Olson!!
    • LadynRed Oct 7, 2020
      Just really starting after left knee surgery. Slow but getting there!
      Way to go! Take it easy, we're happy you're up and about!
      You gots this!!
    • RhodeRunner Oct 3, 2020
      Prizes: First marathon finisher (Gloucester) First marathon finisher (out of town) First marathon finisher (running only) Most unique activity logged Most miles logged total 2 random draw winners out of marathon finishers
      Is there a way to delete work logs? I’ve been adding hikes and walks but I’d like to just record runs this month if possible.
      @RunWithScissor try clicking on your photo icon, then "personal tracking", then click on the little settings icon next to an activity and one option should be delete activity! Let me know if that doesn't work...
      @RhodeRunner I deleted 15 miles of hiking/walking, but I don't think it deducted it off my overall mileage. I should only have 14.3 miles of running right now.
      Hey glad to see it seemed to update your miles to reflect what you wanted! 👍@RunWithScissor
      @RhodeRunner yes, perfect, thanks! It must have just taken a day to 'refresh'. Just wanted to see how far I can run in a month. Great race so far, thanks for all your hard work!
    • RhodeRunner Oct 3, 2020
      Day 3 and we've already got athletes closing in on 26.2 miles! If you finish the marathon and you're up for more, please feel free to keep going, as there will also be a prize for most miles logggd! And for those of us on a slower pace, never fear, we'll have two or three random draw winners of those that have completed at least 26.2 miles by October 31. Happy racing!
    • RhodeRunner Oct 1, 2020
      It's the first day of the Virtual History Marathon! We can't wait to see everyone's activity all month long and we are so grateful for the support from all of you who have joined the race! Don't forget to look at the race map and check out the pins for more information (and photos!) about the historic sites you'll be passing along the race! Unfortunately the race progress that the app shows you after you log an activity does not give you the historic site information. Race prizes will be announced throughout the race, and will include (but not limited to!) first marathon finisher (local), first marathon finisher (out of town), most miles logged, most unique activity logged, and more! Prize options include gift cards to Wegmans, Target, REI, and local restaurants!
    • RhodeRunner Sept 22, 2020
      Welcome to everyone who has joined the race so far! I am so excited you're here and can't wait to get started on October 1! 😀
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    • From: Center for Archaeology, Preservation, & Education
    • To: Fairfield Plantation
    • Start date: October 1, 2020
    • End date: October 31, 2020
    • 0:00 EST
    • 23:59 EST
    • Route distance: 26.2 miles
    • Total logged: 2,594.6 miles
    Join us in this virtual marathon touring some of Gloucester's historic sites, from colonial homes, churches, and the courthouse to a 1920s-era Rosenwald school!
    You’ll start your marathon on Gloucester’s historic Main Street, at the restored 1930s Texaco station that functions as our headquarters, now affectionately referred to as the CAPE, or the Center for Archaeology, Preservation and Education. From here you’ll head north on Main Street, first passing the T.C. Walker House (home of Thomas Calhoun Walker, the first African American lawyer in Gloucester), and continuing through the Main Street Historic District on your way to the former Botetourt Hotel (now Gloucester Museum of History) and the historic court circle which encompasses the 1766 courthouse building and the c. 1820s debtor’s jail.

    Next you’ll race north on Route 17 before heading west toward the York River, making a stop at Werowocomoco, an important Powhatan Indian town since the 13th century, and the location where paramount chief Powhatan and his people interacted with Jamestown settlers. Returning to Route 614, you’ll continue racing south to the birthplace of Dr. Walter Reed, the Army surgeon who helped identify the cause of yellow fever. Continue south to the intersection of Route 614 and Aberdeen Creek Rd, and you can look to your right toward the location of Rosewell Plantation, a large 18th-century mansion owned by the Page family, built in the 1720s and burned in 1916. Portions of the mansion still stand as one of Virginia's most impressive ruins. Next you’ll race along Route 614 back to Route 17, and head south to Abingdon Church (built in 1755), one of the largest and most intact colonial churches in Virginia. Just a few steps further south on Route 17 you’ll see on your right the Woodville Rosenwald School, one of six Rosenwald schools built in Gloucester for African-American students, and the only one still standing. From Woodville School the race will take you south and west to the entrance to Machicomico State Park, within which is located Timberneck, constructed c. 1800. Just a quick hop, skip, and a jump through some back roads, and congratulations! You’ve arrived at the final race destination, our flagship site, Fairfield Plantation. Built in 1694 for Lewis Burwell, the manor house was one of the largest brick houses of its time and included distinctive architectural characteristics like its triple diagonally-set chimney stacks. We hope you enjoy the virtual race as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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